iPhone 8 Rumors Wireless Charging Feature

In September, Apple’s new iPhone will have a wireless charging feature, and we’ve had articles about it before. There’s been a new update today about the wireless charging of apple. According to MacRumors, the new iPhone may use an independent charging accessory, which is sold separately. In addition, the accessory may be late, may not be shipped with the iPhone in September.

John Gruber
John Gruber, a well-known apple blogger, tweeted today that he heard that wireless charging accessory would be sold separately, Moreover, it may be late and will be with iOS 11.1. According to Gruber, charging accessories ‘may’ be late, so the news is not confirmed, and it is unclear why apple delayed the release of the wireless charging accessory.
Earlier rumors, Apple’s three new devices iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus were considering using long-range wireless charging. But the technology still needs to overcome a lot of obstacles, and it’s a long way from actual applications. So it’s a bit more realistic to adopt a responsive wireless charging style like Apple watch.

Based on the information we received from the supply chain earlier, Apple wireless charger will be equipped with two sets of charging protocol: Apple’s own private protocol and the Qi standard. The private protocol will charge faster. As for the Qi wireless charging standards, it means that 5w-10w’s wireless charging pad is also compatible with the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging PCBA

As you can see, it is a wireless charging transmitter, and it’s also known as the Tx. The PCB is green, using a common single-coil structure, made of copper wire and A11 magnetic core. And the input part of the connector uses Apple’s own lightning so that it can be compatible with the existing iPhone charger and cable. Apple’s wireless charger is likely to support the USB PD as a power source. with the original USB Type-C to Lightning data cable, maximum support to 12 v.

Apple Inc. - Wireless Power Consortium

Look at the prototype specifications, input voltage: 5v-12v; output current: 0.6a-2a; output power: 5w-10w; Efficiency: 70%-85% ; compatibility device: compatibility with Qi; product certification: CE FCC Rohs; work frequency: 110 k-230 k. there is no extra component on the back.

Apple accidentally exposed HomePod firmware, we dug up a lot of interesting things in the operating system. Compared to iOS 11, HomePod firmware has a lot of secrets about the iPhone 8. Revealed that the new machine is tuning a facial unlock mechanism, and there is no Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
The leak also confirmed that the iPhone 8 will support the wireless charging function, there are friends in the Reddit wrote the HomePod firmware code snippet, indicating that ‘iPhone 8 is receiving the induction charge’ part.

In addition, the code also suggests that the new device supports the fast charge. Apple is not indicated in the code “iPhone 8” the official name, which reportedly had iPhone 7s model is also likely to support Wireless charging, but it remains to be confirmed.

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