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It usually takes about 20 working days for OEM order, and 1-3 days for the stocks.

To Apply the sample. please contact us at

Payment welcome T/T, and Paypal.

Warmly welcome ODM/OEM customs. The purchase process is as below:

Place PO to sales
Sales confirm the PI to customers
At the same time place the order to PMC
PMC execute the orders
Samples confirmation

Wireless power transfers through electromagnetic induction, which means that with inductive charging, power reaches the device through electromagnetic fields instead of through a traditional cable. You need a transmitter (a wireless charging pad) and a receiver to charge your device. Receivers are either built into the device already, such as with the Samsung S6, or they can be easily installed onto a device, like the iPhone.

Using a case with your phone shouldn’t interfere with it’s wireless charging capabilities.

Wireless charging works best with slim, flexible cases that are no thicker than 5mm so that the transmitter and receiver can connect easily. The cases must also not be made of metal.

As long as the charger has the same technology standard (the Qi standard), it works!

Note: The receivers do not work with Powermat, since this is a different standard.

Since the output of Wireless Chargers is in the form of magnetic induction, the Wireless Charger does not have current or voltage output. The input current of the wireless charger is variable but can use anything up to 1.5A 5V.

AMZOC Wireless Chargers are designed to charge devices with power requirement of up to 5W. The actuall current and voltage which is transferred to device is largely dependant on Qi Wireless Receiver in the device.

No, our chargers & receivers will not work with Duracell Powermat.

Our devices are based on Qi Wireless Standard, supported by companies such as Samsung, Google, Microsoft, LG, Sony, others.

Our devices are supported by a wide variety of retailers, including McDonalds, International Airports, Marriott Hotels, and many others.

Duracell Powermat products are based on PMA technology and are supported by companies such as AT&T.

PMA devices can be used in the Starbucks chain of cafeterias. General Motors vehicles only support PMA.

We chose to pursue a more popular standard which is widely supported, has larger numbers of participating retailers and has larger numbers of supported accessories you could use our products with.

No, you don’t have to download an app or any other software. All you need is a Wireless Charger, a Phone and maybe a receiver.

Find out here if your phone is enabled with wireless charging: Qi Enabled Devices List

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