Apple buys New Zealand wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

Apple buys New Zealand wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

In the case of low penetration of wireless charging devices, Apple’s use of wireless charging technology on the latest iPhone appears to be an aggressive approach.
But when you connect it with apple to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, it’s easy to understand that apple’s real purpose is to build a wireless ecosystem.

CNBC reported that Apple recently quietly bought PowerbyProxi, a wireless charging company that has been building up its technology for a decade in wireless charging.

Auckland entrepreneur Fady Mishriki set up PowerbyProxi in 2007, as a spin-out from Auckland University, with the goal of helping people charge everyday devices such as mobile phones without having to plug them in.

PowerbyProxi Inc

From WPC’s official website, we can find out that this is a new Zealand-based company and the only company in New Zealand to join WPC members.

PowerbyProxi’s flagship product is the proxi-module platform, which is a modular wireless charging and data transmission system.It can provide 100 watts of power to drones, robots, medical devices and other hardware.

AirPower, a wireless charging accessory designed by apple, will be available in 2018.
AirPower can provide a wide range of wireless charging areas that will allow the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X to be charged simultaneously, including Series 3 smartwatches and airpods.
The current iPhone 8 can be charged through a third-party wireless charging platform, but the amount of electricity transmitted can be limited.

Obviously, the phone 8 is just the first step for Apple.Wireless is the future.

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