How To Choose a USB Wall Charger FI

How To Choose a USB Wall Charger

Be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, fitness trackers or any other gadgets, all of these burden us with having to use multiple chargers. Having to keep track of so many chargers often creates a lot of mess and a lot of clutter. We all have manifold number of devices that we need to charge every single day and those chargers take up a lot of space, simply in our quest to find so many outlets to plug in so many chargers.
Answer to your worries: USB Wall Charger
But worry no more, now you have the choice to liberate yourself from all that chaos and opt for a USB wall charger. The USB wall charger allows you to connect it to one outlet and then plug all your devices into this one wall charger. This severely cuts down on the mess created; the number of space used in terms of outlets and is also super energy efficient.
Many people are reluctant to opt for a simple USB wall charger because they happen to believe that a charging station would mean this huge socket, a bulky, rack-like device; something that would take up space on their entire nightstand. But USB wall chargers are very space savvy; it consists of a thin strip you can plug all your chargers into. then how to choose a USB wall charger?

Choosing The Right USB Wall Charger

All USB wall chargers are not created equal so you would need some basic information about the specifications so you have all the required knowledge to choose the right USB wall charger for your home or office. Trying to find the right one, especially if you are a not a technology fanatic, can get pretty hectic very soon as there are a number of models in different price ranges to choose from. Here are a few specifications you can consider before buying one.

UL Certification

Due to the rise in numbers of very low quality USB wall chargers in the market, safety certification by the Underwrites Laboratory (UL) was introduced. This is a very important designation as this ensures that the wall charger is energy efficient and not substandard. A non UL certified charger can damage your devices as well as even cause a fire hazard so be careful to check for the UL certification before picking the right USB wall charger.

Number of Ports

The number of ports varies for each different model .You will have to ensure that the USB wall charger you pick has enough ports for you to charge your devices on. For example, if you have two electronic gadgets that need charging, do not limit yourself to just two ports, get one or two extra, just in case. The difference in prices between number of ports is only minimal.

USB Cables

Using a substandard USB cable can hinder the charging speed of your devices. If you see that your gadget is losing charging over a short span of time, it is very likely that it is not getting the sufficient amount of power required to charge properly.

Various Port Amperages

Most USB wall chargers have ports will different amperage yields; this can play a big part in deciding how quickly your devices get charged. It is better to get chargers with 2.1A and 2.4A ports.

We hope all our information about USB wall charger helps you find the right one!

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