Furniture with additional technical functionalities continually support us, without us even knowing. Wireless energy is a reality, on a global scale.

Furniture craftsmen and phone manufacturers – companies that seem to be from completely different industries – are actually jointly creating our bedroom of the future. Soon wireless charging areas can be found in every home and hotelroom. And even in your own bedroom, dressers, shelves, bedside tables, lamps and soft seated couches will be recharging your mobile devices.

The benefit:


In our bedrooms of the future furniture such as wardrobes, tables and even window sills form the coherent and stylish decor we envision in our dreams.

In this neatly decorated environment we retreat from a fast paced, chaotic society. Here we are able to feel safe, unwind and relax.

During the nights we can’t get to sleep as smartphones, tablets and laptops distract us. Invisible wireless chargers feed our devices, we read, watch, listen digitally and eventually fall asleep.

Whether, why and how wireless charging components should be integrated into bedroom furniture, can best be decided in the early stages of product development. This way, adding the technology to complete product ranges can be done smoothly.


Cutting the wires: the magical art of omission

Wireless charging makes life easier. As you place your smartphone or watch on the nightstand, wireless charging automatically commences.

Completely hidden from view, satisfying the true aesthetes as well as people in private residencies, professional interior designers and stylists alike.

Invisible, intangible

Wireless charging speaks to our imaginations. In the near future though, all mobiles will be recharged this way.

We’ll consider it to be completely normal, wired charging of mobiles will be a thing of the past.


After a long day of hard work we just want to get some sleep. To get comfortable and close our eyes.

Who wants to be searching for a compatible charger right before bedtime? Who likes shoving the nightstand to make room to plug in? Right. No one!

Placing your mobiles on a bedside table should suffice. When you wake up, the first rays of sunlight illuminate your nightstand bearing your phone and smartwatch. You’re reignited, and so are your gadgets.

We offer several options to create a wireless charging solution

Visible Hotspot


Invisible Hotspot ​


More information?

We know for many people wireless charging is a rather new topic. To make wireless charging hotspots available for everyone to enjoy, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about applying the technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

Why US?

Improve quality of life – go wireless

we are your innovative wireless charging supplier. we develop state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations that aim to improve quality of life.

At the right place, at the right time, between the right people

Densely inhabited with the most reliable technological experts, the Eindhoven Brainport region is renowned for its highly innovative and collaborative state of mind.  From this ever-inspirational environment, custom wireless charging solutions in any shape or form are developed for partners across all industries.

Furniture, interior and kitchen designers, the healthcare industry, restaurant-owners, hotel-chains and industrial equipment manufacturers: they all understand wireless charging technologies will improve our quality of life.

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