Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Add-On for iPhone(2pcs/pack)

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  • High efficient rapid wireless charge with protective in-built TI IC chip, the best compatibility, the highest charging efficiency, the most secure. Works well with any Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charger Dock, Wireless Power Bank, Wireless Car Charger.
  • Charging efficiency is more than 70% with protective in-built IC chip which allows rapid charging. Blends seamlessly into your phone by slipping under most soft cases without adding any bulk. Please don’t use any metallic or thick cases as the wireless signal can’t get through metal.
  • Super easy installation as you can just insert it into lightning charging port. Convenient to answer calls when charging your iPhone without any cable interference. Prolong the life of your lightning port without plugging or unplugging any cables.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design, no need change your phone cover. 
  • 2 PCS/ PACK

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QI Wireless Charging Receiver for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone SE / 5S

  • Using this Qi technology with your iPhone will provide you with an awesome charging experience, you are free to charge your iPhone without using any cords or wires
  • The iPhone wireless charging receiver is easy to plug in, thin enough to sit under the cover. It easily saves constant plugging in and out wear on the cable
  • This wireless charger works well with types of cases, like most thin cases and some medium thick cases
  • If you like using the QI wireless charger for your iPhone, you can set the receiver.If you are working at a desk and constantly needing a charge, this is also a great product for your iPhone


  1. Ensure you have a genuine Qi wireless charging pad with this receiver, If your mobile phone does not have a Qi wireless charging transmitter, Please purchase a Qi wireless charging transmitter, otherwise, you can’t use the Qi wireless charging receiver.
  2. Under the existing technical conditions, heating is a normal phenomenon when the charger is charging. No wireless charging can completely avoid the heating of the coil. All the products are tested strictly. Please use them without worry.
  3. If your phone case do too thick, and it does not work when it plugs in, you need to remove your case off and have a try again.
  4. If you give the ribbon no slack, it is hard to take it out to charge in other ways when it’s stuck to the back of your phone.


  • High compatibility;
  • Easy installation ;
  • Fast charging;
  • Ultra slim;
  • Low heat emission;


  • Standard: Applies for QI Standard Transmitter
  • Receiving voltage: DC5V
  • Charging current: 550mA-1000mA
  • Charging Distance:1-7mm

How to USE:

  • Step 1: The charging receiver inserts the charging interface of the phone
  • Step 2: Fixed the receiver on the back of the phone
  • Step 3: Optional – put your (non-metal) case onto your smartphone
  • Step 4: Place your iPhone on a Qi wireless charging pad and it will begin to charge

Qi Wireless Charging Receiver iphone

Weight 20 g

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Phone battery broke before charger arrived and I’m getting it repaired. Charger looks interesting. I’ll try it soon

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