best wireless charger for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

How to choose a wireless charger for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

With the release of the iPhone 8/8 plus, more and more people are getting to know the wireless charging. Though the Qi wireless charger can only charge the iPhone with 5 watts, Apple said that AirPower, which will be launched next year, will boost its charging power to 7.5 watts, charging speed will have a bigger improvement.
With the unprecedented popularity of wireless charging market, charging safety issues are more worthy of users’ attention.
Because of the wide variety of wireless chargers on the market, users are too easily confused by the appearance of products to ignore the quality.

There are plenty of wireless charging options around the world, and finding a charger that’s good for your new iPhone can be confusing.

To help you get ready, Here are some of the things you need to be aware of when buying a wireless charge:

  1. Qi standard: There are other wireless charging standards, like PMA/A4WP, so make sure that what you pick up supports the Qi standard.
  2. Connector: Use a standard connector if you can, in case you damage or lose the cable.
  3. Wall adapter: Not all pads and stands come with wall plugs. You may not need one, but check to see if it’s included.
  4. Brand: A wireless charging pad is still a charger, safety first, buy brand products with a good reputation.
  5. Size & design: There are a bunch of styles of wireless chargers, some big, some small, some flat, and some that charge your phone at an angle. Consider what you’d want on your desk or bedside table before buying.
  6. Grip: The built-in rubber ring prevents the phone from slipping. Without it, a slight bump may disrupt the charge.
  7. Coils: Most of the wireless chargers on the market are single-coil, but some are using two coils.
    What’s the difference? It has nothing to do with speed: a multi-coil charger can give you a bigger charging area, which means that when you put down your phone, it doesn’t have to be that precise.
  8. Smart LEDs: Not all charging pads are nightstand-friendly.
  9. FOD function: One of the most basic features of a Qi standard wireless charger is “foreign body detection”. Foreign object detection is also known as FOD, foreign object detection is the ability of the transmitter to detect a stray metal object in the AC field. This was mandated by Wireless Power Consortium Standard 1.1, and for any devices that are certified, they must comply with WPC 1.1.

The following is a comparison test of 3 third-party wireless charger foreign body detection functions. Look at these 3 products, who is the real Qi standard?

Conclusion: Don’t buy ANY wireless charger without foreign body detection function. Very dangerous.

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